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Tearoff Flyers
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Tearoff Flyers : Simpler and more convenient than ever before, Tear-Off Flyers are the ideal 2-in-1 promotional tool for boosting your brand’s visibility and ensuring your customers remember you effortlessly. These ingenious flyers come equipped with a perforated bottom section that customers can effortlessly tear off. Furthermore, Tear-Off Flyers are incredibly versatile, serving various purposes such as membership cards, coupons, raffle tickets, appointment reminders, and more. Utilize the main Flyer section to convey information while leveraging the tear-off segment to make a memorable statement. This innovative product provides you with a distinct advantage in marketing your company, product, event, and beyond. Our standard tear-off cards come with a single straight perforation, positioned 2 inches from the bottom edge. Additionally, all Matte/Dull products feature a matte coating on both sides for a polished finish.

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