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Silk Announcement Cards

Print Early’s 16pt Silk Announcement Cards offer a touch of elegance with their soft, matte finish. Customize with spot UV or Foil Worx for added flair. These full-color cards are laminated on both sides, providing durability and resistance to water and tears. Perfect for wedding planners, luxury brands, real estate, corporate events, retail promotions, stationery, holiday greetings, and beauty industry announcements.

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Silk Bookmarks

Elevate your reading experience with our exquisite Silk Bookmarks. Delicate, luxurious, and designed to complement your favorite books.

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Silk Greeting Cards

Silk Greeting Cards: A luxurious blend of softness and durability for elegant, memorable messages

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Silk Hang Tags

Elevate your brand with Silk Hang Tags. Luxurious matte texture, full-color printing, and spot UV options for retail, events, signage, and more.

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Silk Presentation Folder

Elevate your presentations with our Silk Presentation Folders. Premium quality, water and tear-resistant, printed on 16pt stock with options like UV coating and business card slits. Perfect for corporate, retail, real estate, events, non-profits, and contractors. Make an impression that lasts!

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Silk Sell Sheets

Elevate your projects with Silk Sell Sheets. Luxuriously smooth, matte appearance, and water/tear-resistant thanks to double-sided lamination. Add optional Foil Worx for a touch of elegance. Ideal for real estate, law, events, retail, contractors, travel, interior design, and artists.

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Silk Trading Cards

Elevate your brand with our premium Silk Trading Cards. Double-laminated for a silky-smooth texture, they resist water and tearing, ensuring lasting sophistication. These 16pt cards feature a sleek matte finish, full-color printing, and optional spot UV for added flair. Perfect for corporate, retail, real estate, banking, artists, and stationery needs. Make a memorable impression with Silk Trading Cards.

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